Indian students rushing to Canadian Universities

Indian students rushing to Canadian Universities

Toronto: The number of Indian Students seeking admissions in Canada Universities is increasing day by day. Canada’s premier university has reported a 20 per cent jump in foreign students seeking admission, a report says.

There is an increase in admissions at the University of Toronto with 57 percent jump in applications for students from India, reported BBC.

Furthermore, due to Canada’s liberal, migrant-friendly image, international students are now looking at Canadian universities, the report adds.

Ted Sargent, Vice President (international) of the University of Toronto, said in addition to offering top-tier universities, Canada is sending a “message about being open to the world” in the light to the contemporary political climate in the US and UK.

“Events in the US and the UK have reverberated around the world. It makes people go back and think again,” the report said.

There are more than 350,000 international students in Canada at present making almost one percent of its population. Over 8 percent of all international students in Canada pump billions of dollars into country’s economy.