Indira Dhanrajgirji supports Abid Rasool Khan’s suggestion to name KBR Park after Mukarram Jah

, 7:18 AM IST
KCR Park

Hyderabad: Rani Indira Dhanrajgirji congratulated Mr. Abid Rasool Khan, Chairman, Minorities Commission for his suggestion to rename K. Brahmananda Reddy Park after Mukarram Jah Bahadur. She advised him to launch a signature campaign for this purpose.

It may be mentioned that under the Urban Land Ceiling Act, Govt. acquired spacious Cherian Palace owned by Nawab Mukarram Jah Bahadur and named it after the former CM of A.P. Mr. Kasu Brahmananda Reddy.

Rani Indira Dhanrajgirji issued a press statement yesterday in which she said that she had already made several representations in this regard for renaming KBR Park after Mukarram Jah.

It may be noted that a few days back, Mr. Abid Rasool Khan, Chairman of Minorities Commission wrote a letter to Mr. KCR expressing his desire to rename KBR Park after Mukarram Jah.

In her letter, Indira Dhanrajgirji wrote that Govt. of A.P. acquired Mukarram Jah’s property earlier and a small portion of Cherian Palace has been left out for use by Mukarram Jah. She further said that a massive campaign should be launched in order to maintain the memories of Asif Jahi Kings in Hyderabad.

–Siasat News