Injured Congress man progressing, to be discharged from hospital today

, 11:42 PM IST

Congress leader Dandugula Yadagiri of Old Bowenpally, Secunderabad, who was injured in a shootout on Saturday morning, here on Sunday said he had no connections with the assailant Dakkali Babu.


Speaking to a TV channel, Yadagiri said he has no connection with the assailant in any manner, but the assailant’s brother-in-law used to approach him for money whenever he needed. Stating that he and his family members have a life threat from the assailant, Yadagiri urged the government to provide him protection.

Yadagiri said at the time of shoot-out, he  ran into a nearby hospital and hid himself in a bathroom. But the assailant Dakkali Babu aimed his gun towards his head and tried to shoot. “However, I put up stiff resistance and snatched the gun from the assailant and called 100. After a while I came out of the bathroom when hospital staff came out”, he said. He also said he kept the weapon with himself to show it to the police.

Meanwhile, doctors who attended on Yadagiri said his condition was out of danger and would be discharged on Monday morning at 10 am. The doctors said the Congress leader had escaped miraculously as the bullet from the gun had scraped through skin beside his heart. (NSS)