Inspired by TV serial “Crime Patrol”, fashion designer Shipra Malik faked her own abduction

, 7:24 AM IST
---Courtesy "Pradesh 18"

Noida: Shipra Malik, a fashion designer who was missing since last three days and whose case even reached Union Home Ministry, finally returned home on Friday.

After conducted preliminary investigation, police suspecting that she may have faked her own abduction inspired by the famed TV serial “Crime Patrol”.

According to the news published in Zee News, Shipra had earlier claimed that she was kidnapped by three people from Noida and taken to Gurgaon. Later, it was found that she staged her own abduction as she was under pressure over payment of an outstanding loan.

Currently, her statements are being verified and further investigation is going on.

Meanwhile, her medical examination was conducted. She was declared medically fit.