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Interference in Islamic Shariah intolerable


Any type of interference in Islamic Shariah is unacceptable. The ruling class of India is busy promoting Hindutva culture, said Maulana Khalid Nadwi, member All India Muslim Personal Law Board while addressing a 1-day seminar entitled ‘Save Faith’. He said fascist forces are ruling the soil of India who are more interested in issues like Ghar wapsi, Yoga, cow protection than development and gaining public trust. Addressing a women’s seminar, he pointed out that women play an important role in building a society. A mother plays a key role in upbringing of her child hence they should fulfill the duty of producing a generation full of courage and spirit to defend religious honour.

Maulana Khaled Saifullah Rahmani, Mufti Syed Sadiq Muhiuddin Faheem, Maulana Raheemuddin Ansari, Mrs. Samina Subhani, Mr. Shaikh Ishaq, Mrs. Saba Quadri and others addressed on the occasion.

Maulana Khaled Nadwi further added we need to be steadfast to foil the conspiracy of the government. He told that conspiracies are not new to Islam.

Maulana Khaled Saifullah Rahmani told that it is being tried to change Shariah laws on the pretext of supporting women’s cause. Hence women should send letters to president, prime minister, law minister and other authorities of central government making it clear that they won’t accept any change in Shariah law nor there is need for a separate law for Muslim women as was being proposed by the government in recent times. The existing personal law is enough to handle most situations that arose in the community.

Thousands of women present in the seminar passed a resolution proclaiming that they are satisfied with Islamic Shariah and turn down any type of change in Shariah especially Common Civil Code.

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