Irregularities surfaced in Air India, 300 Zamzam water cans found missing

, 1:28 PM IST

Hyderabad: Controversy erupted after the Zamzam cans to be given to Hajj pilgrims at the time of their arrival found missing. Air India authorities who were responsible for the storing the cans, missed nearly 300 cans. As the Telangana Hajj committee came into action Air India authorities recovered half of the cans but still 140 cans are missing.

Air India is not authorised to distribute Zamzam cans among themselves or give them to anyone. It is responsible only to take care of the cans and handover them to each and every pilgrim returning from Hajj. However local Air India authorities misused their powers and misplaced nearly 300 cans.

It must be noted that 5050 cans reached Hyderabad through an empty flight which were stored at Shamsabad International Airport. However Air India Authorities informed Hajj Committee about receipt of only 4764 cans. It is suspected that some other government departments are also involved in this can missing case.

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