Wednesday , October 12 2016
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ISIS murdered a woman for breastfeeding her baby in public


Syria: ISIS brutally murdered a woman for breastfeeding her child in public. The woman had covered the baby under “Burqa” but the Al-Khansaa Brigade of ISIS ruled the she had been violating public decency.


According to news reported in Daily Mail, the ISIS policewoman snatched the baby from the woman and gave it to another woman and then killed the mother. It was also reported the mother was mutilated before she was murdered.


It may be mentioned that the Al-Khansaa Brigade is the militia consisting of women. It was set up by ISIS a year ago. This brigade functions as ‘moral police’.


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The members of the brigade are covered in black from head-to-toe and wielding automatic weapons. This group has been accused of doling out savage beatings on the streets of Raqqa and spying on its citizens. They also maintain strict vigil by patrolling the streets Raqqa.

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