Islam is a complete system of life – Zaheeruddin Ali Khan’s address at Free Vocational Courses training inaugration

, 9:20 AM IST

Islam is a disciplined religion which offers complete system of daily life. Its teachings are for all times. Prayer timings are fixed right from morning till evening. Any Muslim can be successful in this world and the hereafter. These thoughts were expressed by Zaheeruddin Ali Khan, Managing Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily while addressing a seminar of ICICI Academy for Skills at Mahboob Husain Jigar Hall, Siasat Office Complex, Hyderabad yesterday.

Continuing his speech, Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan stressed the need for the youths to make use of this scheme and the facilities offered by it. If they do so, they would benefit for 30 years.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Veda Kumar, Chairman of Telangana Resource Center told that it is not enough if we know how to read and write but if we have good character, we would be successful and get good status in society. He advised the youths to benefit from the facilities of “Corporate Social Responsibility” offered by Siasat Urdu Daily. He applauded the efforts made by Siasat Urdu Daily and told that with the keen interest taken by Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan such programs meet with success.

Mr. Abhay Sharma, Director ICICI Academy for Skills highlighted the details of free vocational courses. He told that short term courses for three months and six months have been designed for the youths ranging between 18-30 years of age. The training courses include free web designing, office administration, retail sales management etc. The center is located opposite, Assembly. Candidates are provided with free uniforms and free food. He requested the candidates belonging to Minority Community to take admission in these courses. After the successful completion of training, job is guaranteed. Mr. Zahid Farooqui, Program Coordinaor highlighted the aims and objectives of the training program and proposed voter of thanks. Mr. Faheem Ansari assisted him.

–Siasat News