Israel giving no right to Palestinians, sets conditions for returning of dead bodies

, 3:39 PM IST

In a disgraceful act Israel has put some conditions in order to return the dead bodies of 10 Palestinians who were killed while carrying out attacks.

According to news Israel will return the bodies if the families “agree in advance that the funerals take place at night. there should be a limited number of attendees”, However the families have refused to accept certain conditions, a government spokesman said on Monday.

The policy has infuriated Palestinians and sparked condemnation from rights groups who decry what they say is “collective punishment”. Israeli security forces are also divided on the policy.

Since a wave of violence erupted in October, 165 Palestinians have been killed and many have been loss the families. The violence has also claimed the lives of 26 Israelis.

The army, which controls the occupied West Bank, argues that such confiscations exacerbate tensions and has returned dozens of bodies since December.