Israeli court refuses Palestinian doctor’s participation in autopsy of martyr

, 10:10 AM IST

Ramallah: Lawyer of Palestinian Prisoners Society Ahmad Safiya said “The Israeli Supreme Court refused an appeal to allow a Palestinian doctor to participate in the autopsy of the body of martyr Abdul Fattah al-Sharif who was executed by Israeli occupation forces on March 24 in al-Khalil”.

Lawyer Safiya revealed that the court refused actual participation by the Palestinian doctor and approved not only his presence but also giving documenting notes by him. The court approved as well addressing the Israeli military district commander by the Palestinian side to demand receiving the body of the martyr directly after the autopsy. In case of refusal, the lawyer has to ask for another appeal to the court, Safiya said.

Safiya pointed out that the court ordered that he should be informed of the autopsy date beforehand so that he can get an entry permission for the Palestinian doctor. The Israeli prosecution informed him that the autopsy will be conducted next Sunday, he said.

A Palestinian activist documented the execution of martyr Sharif on a videotape showing an Israeli soldier shooting Sharif directly in the head despite his serious injury in al-Khalil last Sunday.