Israeli-Palestinian love story disqualified from curriculum becomes a bestseller

, 8:29 PM IST

Jerusalem: Recently Israel’s Education Ministry has disqualified a novel that describes a love story between an Israeli Jew woman and a Palestinian Muslim man from use by high schools around the country.

The book Borderlife by Dorit Rabinyan which is a semi-autobiographical story of an Israeli woman who falls in love with a Palestinian artist in New York. And they split up as they return to their origin.

The book have sparked a backlash and rise in sales. The officials also feared that it could encourage relationships between Jews and Arabs.

The love story has become a bestseller. The e book has shot to the top of the fiction chart, becoming a bestseller in bookstores and online. The publication abroad is also being sped up and the translation deals had been agreed, for Hungary, Spain and Brazil.

The Rabinyan’s agent said there is a huge figure in Israel’s small market as more than 5,000 copies had been sold with in a week.

Ms Rabinyan said.“I think this whole march to bookstores is a demonstration,” she said. “It is not only my fans that buy Borderlife, it is the fans of Israeli democracy. By buying my novel they reconfirm their trust and belief in Israel’s liberalism, in Israel’s freedom of choice and speech.”