Tuesday , August 22 2017
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J-K Assembly will function from summer capital ‘Srinagar’ tomorrow

Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir Assembly is all set to begin its functioning from summer capital Srinagar tomorrow with the shifting of the Secretariat from winter capital Jammu being completed today.

The bi-annual practice of ‘Darbar’ (royal court) move between the two capital cities of the state, Srinagar and Jammu, has been inherited from the Dogra rule in the state, dating back to the 19th century.

Along with the Secretariat, other government offices are also shifted from the winter capital. All office records, files, computers and other supplies barring furniture, are packed and transported to Srinagar.

It was started in 1882 by the then king, Maharaja Pratap Singh to meet the needs of the people living in far-flung areas of the state.

“The overall cleanliness, garbage disposal and waste management in the city and renovation inside the Secretariat are going on. Also, work is underway in the parks and lounge. We hope the weather remains fine. We hope that the shifting process becomes stabilized till the traffic diversion plan kicks off in the city,” said Divisional Commissioner, Srinagar, Asgar Samoon.

A local student, Nasir Ahmad, said the shifting of the capital gave several opportunities to the youth to get involved in.

“If we talk about the shift of the Secretariat, Jammu and Srinagar are the winter and summer capital of Kashmir. The winter session has ended and on Monday onwards, it begins here in Srinagar, The Secretariat has been shifted here. The state and the city get benefitted with this shift. Various activities are going on, like beautification of parks, renovation of roads, new zebra crossings are being made. There are many activities where schools and colleges are being involved in. The youth is getting an opportunity to grow,” said Ahmad. (ANI)