Thursday , July 27 2017
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Jana Reddy describes TS Budget as ‘Ashala Pallaki’

Hyderabad: Congress Legislature Party (CLP) leader K Jana Reddy has snubbed the TRS government politely with sarcastic criticism during his entire speech on Budget on Wednesday. He described the TRS government’s budget as magic of ‘numbers’ and ‘words’ and ‘Ashala Pallaki’.
Initiating the discussion on budget, Jana Reddy said the Congress members were asking him to speak in Assembly in an aggressive manner, but the ruling party would also express its anger in case he criticized unthinkable budget. “I have been facing two sides criticism”, he said suggesting to the ruling party to understand the reality and try to correct its mistake. He said that it was not correct on the part of the ruling party members to use un-parliamentary words and arrogant attitude and expressions, Jana said that the people were observing everything and if not one has to learn things from the people.
Observing that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s exit from the House, Jana said the Finance Minister has to listen keenly and convey the same to the Chief Minister. “Your government is doing nothing and nothing will happen even though the government did not lend its ear”, he said. Finding fault with the budget, Jana Reddy said that the government once again introduced the budget without proper understanding though he cautioned the government two times.
Stating that he was continuing his speech with half satisfaction as the Chief Minister was not in the House, Jana said that the Irrigation Minister spent about Rs.600 crore but once again they did the same. He said that he was not happy with the government for showing plan budget as 51 percent adding the government showed Rs.62,473 crore as plan budget in 2014-15 and once again showed the same. Finding fault with the government for stating that its expenditure was Rs.1 lakh crore, Jana said that the government hardly spent Rs.75000-80,000 and it will spent Rs.5 crore in the coming 15 days time totaling Rs.85,000 crore. The government will not get Rs.30,000 crore of 2015-16 year budget and it was harsh truth.
Questioning the government as to how 51 percent plan budget was possible, Jana said that during 2014-15, the government mentioned that the state’s plan budget was 38 percent but in reality it was not crossed 31 percent and how 51 percent would possible this year. “Why the government is trying to create illusions among the people by saying plan budget is 51 percent?”, he asked. He said that he will leave the Assembly in case Panchayatraj Minister KT Ramarao and Finance Minister Etela Rajender’s statement that they sent 38 percent of plan budget. It was not correct on the part of ruling party to speak in a dishonored manner.
He said that an NGO has met him and said that there was no such speculative budget like Telangana across the nation. “The NGO asked me where the Telangana state will go if the budget seems very speculative”, he said.
Stating that he will not come to the House in case the budget crosses Rs.97,000 to Rs.1 lakh crore, Jana said that the government allocated only Rs.25,000 for Irrigation and what will do with the remaining Rs.12,000 crore. “Hence I request the government to introduce the budget while thinking thoroughly”, he said.
Firmly saying that the Plan budget will not cross 35 percent, Jana said that the budget crossed 40 percent one or two times in United Andhra Pradesh State.
At this juncture, the Chief Minister entered into the House and stated that the President was reaching the Begumpet to inaugurate Civil Aviation and hence the House should be adjourned sharp at 1.30 pm today and requested Jana Reddy to continue his speech on Thursday if he wanted.
Continuing his speech, Jana Reddy said that the government allocated Rs.1100 crore for Minorities last year but spent Rs.300 crore and many instances to say in this manner.
Finding fault with the government for saying that it put its aim to increase the GSDP from 11.7 percent to 15 percent, Jana said that the government has to clear Rs.6000 crores of fitment arrears and Rs.730 crores of DA and Rs.3500 crores of fees reimbursement. “Why the government is not clearing these things without mentioning in the budget? They will increase multi-folds and employees will wage movements against the government in case it failed to clear these arrears”, he said. The government already spending huge amounts on power purchase and took a decision on more power purchase to supply nine hour power supply but there were no allocations in the budget, he wondered. He stopped his speech saying that he will continue his speech on Thursday. (NSS)