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Jana urges CM to convey post-big note ban problems to Centre

Jana urges CM to convey post-big note ban problems to Centre

Terming the decision of demonetisation of big notes as an unplanned, unilateral and maladroit one, CLP leader K Jana Reddy alleged that the farmers, poor, labourer, small time traders and several sections of people were facing severe hardships with the demonetisation of big notes in the State.  He asked the Chief Minister to extend ex-gratia to those died while standing in the lines in front of the ATMs and banks and pay respects observing silence for minute.

Participating in a short discussion on the impact of demonetisation of big notes on State in the Legislative Assembly here on Friday, Jana Reddy asked the state government to convey the problems of the people facing due to demonetisation of big notes to the Centre.  Interfering the speech of Jana Reddy, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao said that the decision has taken by the Centre and the discussion should be confined to its impact on the State. The House has no right to speak on Centre’s decision. No leader has the right to criticise Prime Minister Narendra Modi in this regard, he said and asked Jana Reddy to give suggestion on it to convey the same to the Centre.

Continuing his speech, Jana Reddy said that he was mentioning the problems facing by the people due to the demonetisation of big notes while welcoming the decision. “We also desired to reach the goal of curbing the black money and political corruption in the nation. I am mentioning the problems of the people in the house. I am not criticising the Prime Minister”, he said. He said that the BJP opposed the demonetisation of big notes decision in 2013 when the Congress party was in power and the centre not dared to do it. BJP leader and Rajya Sabha member Meenakshi Lekhi alleged then that the people would face lot of troubles with the demonetisation of big notes.

The Chief Minister, interfering the speech of Jana Reddy, said that it was not under the Legislative Assembly purview. Jana Reddy not to mention those who have not in the House, KCR said. continuing his speech, Jana Reddy said that he was mentioning Meenakshi Lekhi’s apprehensions on demonetisation of big notes. The BJP also opposed the GST Bill in 2013 but the same BJP introduced the GST Bill now and the Congress party extended its support in passing the bill in the Parliament, he reminded.

The Leader of the opposition said that the centre would have printed small denominations in a big way and the problems would have not arised in this manner. The economical system fragmented in a big way, he said asking “whether digital, internet and online banking is possible in India?”. The people in a feeling that they were troubled like a national calamity like Tsunami with the sudden decision of the centre of cashless economy. The 60 percent people have not bank accounts in the nation and as to how they will indulge in online banking system. The farmers were facing sever hardships with the sudden development. 1.5 lakh crore loss will incur with the demonetisation of big notes. As per centre 14 lakh crore were in circulation in the country already 13 lakh crore deposited in the banks by the people. Only 1.5 lakh crore black money was there but whether it comes to the government or not was a big question, he said.

The people have to habituate with the use of swiping machines and nobody knows as to how much time it will takes. But the Chief Minister was saying that he will transform the Siddipet constituency as cashless economy one. But Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitly was saying that total cashless economy was not possible.  The people will see at both ruling and opposition parties if the problems were not solved. The people were facing lot of troubles. “I am happy if the government was not affected with the demonetisation of big notes”, he said.

Once again intervening, the Chief Minister said that he never said that there was no impact on the state. The Prime Minister’s decision was an abnormal one. The economists from various countries were saying different opinions on it. The circulation of currency in the state was Rs.70,000crore and not Rs.20,000crore. KCR said that he was already discussed with the former RBI governors Venugopal Reddy and Duvuri Subbarao. Both were saying that the impact will be for one quarter and slowly the situation will change and it will become stable.

Jana Reddy asked the Chief Minister to give loans to the farmers and assist the agriculture sector. Bring the currency more from the RBI to the state. The centre would have continued IDS for two more months. The state government has to initiate needful steps to avoid the problems of the people. Otherwise, the situation will turn as danger, he said asking the Chief Minister to question the centre in case the problems of the people were not reduced. (NSS)