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Japan produces healthy drink from fruit extract

Japan produces healthy drink from fruit extract

Okinawa/Nara (Japan) : The people of Okinawa, a conglomeration of small islands in South Japan, are known for healthy food habits and what adds to their longevity is healthy blue papaya drink.

Blue papaya is rich in vitamin C and also contains yeast called papain that helps produce amino acid, which is the key to good health.

Shoken Kyan of Okinawa Plant Institute, said blue papaya is a tropical fruit, which is largely cultivated in Okinawa.

“Here people make a health drink using blue papaya. Blue papaya is rich in vitamin C. It includes papain yeast, which creates amino acid, which is the key to good health. These elements from blue papaya get extracted through natural fermentation using organic material. The plant institute uses latest fermentation technology to extract drink from blue papaya,” he added.

Kyan said management of fermentation is important technology. “Previously, it is entrusted to individual management, but currently it is analysed by computer management. In ancient Nara city, there is a 200-year-old sake brewery that produces many healthy foods,” he added.

Kyan further said blue papaya is very popular in Asia.

“We add organic unpolished rice, rice bran, seaweed and other effective material for health. It is Okinawa origin healthy food,” he added.

Sadaichiro Sawada of Sawada Syuzo Corporation Ltd., said a very healthy yeast is produced in the process of producing healthy drink from blue papaya.

“Sake brewing is a very hard job. A brewer must work day and night. Brewers treat live yeast and put their heart into making it. Thus, working brewer should be vigorous and healthy. Brewer eats yeast to maintain healthy condition,” said Sadaichiro.

“The yeast was mixed with vegetable, fruit, sea weed and edible wild plant and fermented for a year. And more a few years maturity completes healthy food. It is efficient to keep a person healthy,” he added.

Sawada brewery is closely working with the doctors to develop more healthy food in the region. (ANI)