Thursday , August 24 2017
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Japan strengthens business ties with India, ASEAN

Kuala Lumpur/Tokyo : Japan’s Ajinomoto Group has expanded its business in over 130 countries. Malaysia, which is known for its diverse culinary destinations, has been using Ajinomoto products since its launch in 1961.

The company has been serving its local customers with its continuous innovation process. Umami seasoning and flavor seasoning are among its most popular products.

“The Asian Application Center, also called the AAC, is a center of application providing the values to Asian regions by leveraging new technologies from Ajinomoto Japan. Application means demonstrating functions of Ajinomoto’s unique specialty and knowledge, but providing effective solutions. For example, quality improvement, cost reduction, for Asian affiliated products development, for instant flavor seasoning, menu seasoning, instant noodle and beverages,” said Senior Manager Asean Application Centre, Ajinomoto Berhad.

Other than its role as an innovative food product producer, Ajinomoto also serves as an important source vendor for processed food manufactures throughout the region.

According to Dr. AP Sivam, Managing Director, APS-MANJA, future co-operation with Ajinomoto Malaysia and Japan is on the cards.

As a Halal-certified producer, Ajinomoto is dedicated in serving not only the local Islamic community, but also other Islamic countries.

Recently the annual general meeting of Catch Asia Media Network was held in Tokyo with participation by media representatives from ASEAN and India.

Attended by representatives of member Japanese companies, the emphasis was laid on spreading information about Japan in ASEAN and India.

The programme running for the past four years earns the support of prominent Japanese companies and local government.

Catch Asia – Media Network is constituted by media representatives including broadcasters, newspaper and news agency.

A representative from India-based new agency, the Asian News International (ANI) speaks about the introduction of Japanese Shinkansen in his country. Japanese technology used in metro rail has already been recognized in India.

On the other hand, Indonesian delegate spoke about Japanese Shinkansen project discarded by his government because of financial cause.

Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) representative introduce Japan’s bullet train project and a brief about report about promotion of Japan tourism.

Japanese government is keen to increase the number of foreign tourists to double during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic.

Accordingly, Malaysian TV, Thailand TV and Vietnam state owned TV announces to organize Japan tourism program under the cooperation of Japanese companies and local govt.

Cambodian state owned broadcaster TVK introduced AEON development in Cambodia as most impressive topic. (ANI)