Japanese automobile company brings chassis dynamometer system to test vehicles

, 4:17 PM IST

Tokyo : Tokyo-based company Meidensha, which is engaged in the manufacturing and selling of generators, substation equipment, water treatment equipment, electronic equipment and information equipment, is experimenting something indispensable for the development of the automobile in Japan.

“This system is called the chassis dynamometer system and is for testing finished vehicles,” said Yukimasa Maneki of Meidensha Corporation.

The company checks the environmental performance, durability and fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

Since demands for functionalities in automobiles have been increasing, it is evitable to have a high-level of precision in measurements while testing.

The chassis dynamometer system is a comprehensive system made with mechanical control devices, including a roller and a drive robot system.

A single system can conduct multiple tests such as the ones for exhaust gas or fuel efficiency.

“This system is called the chassis dynamometer system and is used for testing vehicles,” Maneki added.

Meidensha also earned a reputation from various automobile makers.

The drive robot that conducts automatic driving for finished vehicles can operate the accelerator, clutch and break electronically.

Since any test travel pattern can be operated, it is possible to reproduce the data that is close to real road.

“By utilising our refined testing systems and simulation technologies with high precision, we strive to provide the products that enable automobile makers and suppliers to shorten their development cycles,” said Takuyaito of Meidensha Corporation.

“In future, we consider expanding to Southeast Asian countries. Especially for the purpose of reducing the exhaust gas or noise of various automobiles by using our products, we look forward to contribute to environmental protection by supplying our products,” Takuyaito added.

As a result of economical growth, Meidensha anticipates the expansion to Asian countries where automobiles come into wide use. (ANI)