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Jewar-Highway victims claim ‘Attackers asked if we ate beef’

Jewar-Highway victims claim ‘Attackers asked if we ate beef’

GREATER NOIDA: A new information on Jewar-Highway case of murder and gang rape of four women has come into notice on Friday after the brother in law of 40-year-old Scrap dealer, Shakeel told that the attackers asked them if they had eaten beef to make sure they were Muslims.

“They asked us if we were Muslims. We nodded. They asked if we were beef-eaters. We said no. They then grabbed us and said they would teach us a lesson,” he said.

According to the TOI report, he took responsibility for the omission of the information saying that they were not mentally stable to remember everything at the time of registering the complaint. “We were unable to figure out what to do. There were certain things which did not come to our mind at the time of filing the FIR,” he said.

District police chief Love Kumar said the victims had not mentioned anything about beef to the police. “They registered an FIR but did not mention this. We will talk to them to investigate the matter,” Kumar said.

While the rape victim gave a statement against her neighbours being involved in attacking them, she clarified: “I had given a statement to some media persons on Thursday that three of the six who attacked us were our neighbours. We have some family dispute with the neighbours and hence I made the comment. The accusations are not true and I take my words back,” she said.

Police said they had a property dispute in the past but senior officers pointed to the family’s changing versions to signal their wariness.

Hours before the Jewar ambush, police had on Wednesday night issued an advisory for commuters when travelling on highways and expressways. It advised drivers not to stop/park vehicles at secluded places, or offer lifts to unknown persons, and get GPS devices installed in cars.