Wednesday , August 23 2017
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J&K CM says would agree with PM’s decision on Kashmir

New Delhi: Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti told reporters on Saturday, that only PM Narender Modi can bring an end to the current violence in the State, as her government is failing to carryout peace in Jammu and Kashmir.

The CM told “The prime minister of our country had been given a very strong mandate by the people. I am saying it again and I may be criticised for it but if there is someone, who could find solution to the problem of Jammu and Kashmir, it is Shri Narendra Modi ji and none else” in an inauguration of a flyover in Jammu.

“If Jammu and Kashmir has to be bailed out of this quagmire of violence and unrest, it is only the PM Modi ji who can help”, continued the CM.

Videos of a Kashmiri man tied to an army jeep and paraded in the valley are circulating on YouTube, resulting in hundreds of people clashing with the Police.

The CM met Modi last month in Delhi after the sudden attacks by the people against the Police affecting the state with protests and killings.
Mehbhooba Mufti on Saturday told that the whole country would support PM’s decision on Kashmir.

She said “And, perhaps it was this courage and conviction of the PM that within an hour he went to Lahore and met Pakistani Prime Minister (Nawaz Sharif). His visit was a sign of courage and not weakness”.

Adding to it she also said, “Visiting his home was perhaps an excuse. He, too, probably wanted to resolve issues and remove confrontation with Pakistan so as to bail the state out of unrest and violence. He, however, didn’t try”.

Recalling her father’s Mufti Mohammed Sayeed and the then PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee efforts to restore peace in the state, she says, “In those three years Vajpayee Sahib ensured ceasefire on border, there were talks with deputy CM LK Advani ji, talks (with Pakistan) for opening border routes started, militancy was at its minimal in those three years and there was peace on borders. It was not an ordinary feat” .

She continues saying, “Unfortunately Mufti Sahib left us and Vajpayee government is also not there and the situation is back to square one. Thereafter, successive governments in J&K and Centre, be it UPA in Delhi or in J&K, thought that everything was fine and there was no need to do anything. Subsequently, lava (among Kashmiri youth) kept simmering since 2008 and today we are facing its ramifications”, as reported in HindustanTimes.