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JNU students may travel out of India, Delhi police alert to Airport authorities

JNU students may travel out of India, Delhi police alert to Airport authorities

Putting all efforts to trace the JNU students including Umar Khalid who were supporting Kanahiya Kumar, the Delhi police have deployed all its special units, including anti-terror wing Special Cell in a sedition case. On Friday.

Police also alerted the airport authorities to prevent absconders from travelling out of India.

The police have communicated the matter to the Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO), asking them to alert airport authorities so that the three suspects, believed to be JNU students, do not leave the country.

According to police, the three have been identified as the main conspirators in connection with the event, over which a case of sedition was registered and JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar was arrested, the source said.

According to India Today news, despite Khalid’s parents claim that he did not have a passport as he wants to serve the country, investigators are suspecting these students have passports and may travel out of India

“These lookout notices will help us if they try to use any legal route to leave India. It may be possible that some of them have passports which they didn’t disclose to anyone. It is quite possible to get a passport issued on the basis of JNU identity card,” a senior official said.

Accused students are allegedly organizers or participants of the controversial Afzal show in the JNU campus last week in which anti-India slogans were allegedly raised.

The police tracked the youths’ call details post February 9 until the day their phones were found to be switched off. Investigators have also recorded statements of more than a dozen JNU students who were witnesses, he said.

Police sources said they may call Sadiq Naqvi, a reporter with an online news portal, for second round of questioning. On Friday evening, Delhi police detained him from his hometown in Uttar Pradesh’s Bijnore. Naqvi was in the same college where JNU student leader Umar Khalid had studied.