Joe Biden slams Donald Trump, angry with politicians who demean women

, 12:29 PM IST

Washington:US Vice President Joe Biden has said that he is tired of new politicians who want to go to Washington to “demean” women and alleged the lewd remarks made by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump were a “textbook definition” of sexual assault. “I’m tired of new politicians who want to go to Washington to demean women. I really mean it. I mean this sincerely. You know, I know you all know no one ever doubts I mean what I say. The problem is I sometimes say all that I mean,” Biden said at an election rally in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“But here is the deal, guys. This is totally consistent, his admission of what is the textbook definition of sexual assault. I’m talking about Trump, obviously. It is not inconsistent the way in which he’s abused power all along,” he said yesterday.

“Remember when Hillary said in the debate – you stiffed all those workers. And he said, ‘Maybe I didn’t like the quality of their work’. This is a guy who sits…Think about how fundamental this is.

Biden alleged that Trump declared bankruptcy six or seven times, but he never was moved out of “that penthouse, which is a palace on the top floor, looking over devastated areas of New York that were devastated.”

This is a guy who said he rooted for the collapse of the housing market because that was good business; he could make money. And think about this one thing, he said.

“I am not joking. Can you imagine any other president in all of American history who would say things like that? Republican or Democrat, can you imagine anyone saying that?”, he said.

Biden said there is a whole lot at stake. “There’s a number of people who share Trump’s views and they work in the United States Congress. They’re there. They’re in the Senate, nmany of them.

“And they support this notion of abuse of power. The more powerful you are, the more leeway you’re supposed to have,” he said.

Biden said he makes a strong pitch for Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee.

“One of the finest women I know, what happens every single time that Michelle shows passion? The Right and some of the press calls her an angry black woman.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, there’s certain realities we have to overcome, but here’s the point. I want you to know Hillary is going to win,” he said.