Jordan security forces sealed Muslim brotherhood headquarters

Jordan security forces sealed Muslim brotherhood headquarters

Police in Jordan have shut the headquarters of the Islamist Muslim brotherhood (MB) the main opposition movement in Amman.

They dismissed all the people inside and sealed the premises on city governor’s orders on Wednesday.

Lawyer Abdelkader al-Khatib said. “Jordanian security searched the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood and evacuated it before sealing off the entrance with red wax.”

“This is clearly a political decision in line with what is happening in the region,” he added.

The reason for the closure, was not yet given said the official.

Relations between the Jordanian authorities and the Muslim brotherhood, have been strained for years and have recently worsened.

The MB was formed in Egypt in 1928 and it has been blacklisted as a “terrorist group”.MB has a large support base in urban areas and its political wing, the Islamic Action Front (IAF), is one of Jordan’s strongest parties. The IAF has boycotted the past two parliamentary elections.