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Jugnoo launches ‘Auto-rickshaw pooling’ feature

Jugnoo launches ‘Auto-rickshaw pooling’ feature

New Delhi: Jugnoo, India’s leading auto-rickshaw aggregator, announces the launch of its latest auto-rickshaw pooling feature, ‘Jugnoo Pool’ observing the World Environment Day.

The feature gives the customers an option to share their trip with those traveling in the same direction. This is a humble initiative undertaken by the company, in a bid to counter the increasing carbon footprint and traffic situation in various parts of the country. The concept is not only environment friendly, but also comes across as a cost effective solution for customers, making the Jugnoo auto-rickshaw ride a little expensive but much more convenient than a public bus ride. In addition to this, the feature is lucrative for the auto drivers as well.

Elaborating on the concept further, Samar Singla, founder and CEO Jugnoo said: “We believe it is the most efficient way to use existing resources through integration of technology. Auto-rickshaws are already the most popular mode of daily conveyance for covering local distances in India. With Jugnoo, we give our riders the advantage of using this mode in a more convenient and economical manner.

The pooling feature will further enhance the utility of our service by giving the commuters an additional option of making their rides even more economical and yet enjoying the convenience of hailing the auto-rickshaw ride from their doorstep. The idea is to offer commuters with a much better user experience at almost the same fare as that of a public bus.”

The pooling feature is all set to be launched across all locations in India, wherever Jugnoo is operational. With this launch, Jugnoo users will have an option to choose between riding alone and pooling their ride. If users opt for pooling, they get a discount of 20 percent on the fare. Moreover, the new launch factors in the welfare of all stake holders i.e. drivers and commuters.

Commuters will benefit with discounted rides. If they opt for pooling, regardless of whether they are matched or not, the fare will always be less than riding alone. Similarly, drivers will also be able to earn more with this launch. If riders opt for pooling, the driver will be able to earn almost 1.5 times more within the same time.

Jugnoo, a Chandigarh based company, was established in the year 2014. It has ventured into the industry as one of the leading auto-rickshaw aggregators with 35,000 people transacting per day, at a very nascent stage. It is a mobile app offering one of the largest networks of auto-rickshaws in India. It has over 10,000 autos empanelled under the brand at present.

Founded by Samar Singla and Chinmay Agarwal, the company is targeting the students, working professionals, and masses that are dependent on public transport for their daily conveyance.