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Just another day in Doha with an escaped Tiger

Pic shows: tiger roaming around free.nnA young tiger stunned motorists after it galloped down the middle of a busy motorway after escaping from its owner who wanted to give it some fresh air during a traffic jam.nnFootage of the tiger, running between the cars and dragging its chain still tied around its neck, was posted online after it was spotted on a highway in Qatar.nnIt was shot on the Doha Expressway in an area of Al Sakhama in the municipality of Al Daayen, in eastern Qatar, and includes the moment the owner manages to find the tiger after it had scrambled under a car and get a hold of its chain.nnHe was then seen trying to pull the reluctant tiger out from under the vehicle, filmed by a man who can be heard saying: "I'm only shooting this for personal use, I promise I won't put it on social media."nnThe clip then ended up on social media.nnThe owner said that the end of the tiger's chain had snapped and local media, which quickly picked up on the story, said that interior ministry officials were investigating.nnAlthough illegal, is not uncommon for residents to keep wild animals such as tigers, lions and cheetahs as pets in Qatar.nnThe man was later spotted standing with the chained tiger at the side of the road.nn(ends)n

Doha :A tiger was spotted wandering through a traffic jam on one of Doha’s busiest roads today, and government officials said they would investigate the incident after footage appeared online.

Pictures and video showing the tiger roaming among cars on the Doha Expressway flooded social media in the tiny Gulf country.

Footage including a 20-second video on YouTube and Twitter showed the big cat running through lanes of heavy traffic, apparently trying to find a way off the congested road.

Footage also emerged showing the tiger initially falling onto the road from a moving truck.

The interior ministry took to Twitter to say it was investigating the incident.

“We assure all that the concerned authorities (are) following up with what has been trending over spotting a tiger in some areas of the country,” it tweeted.

Twitter users said the incident happened today morning, although this could not be immediately verified.

One picture released on social media claimed to show that the big cat had been captured safe and sound.

It was not clear who owns the tiger, but keeping wild animals, including tigers, as pets is not uncommon in wealthy Gulf countries.

Last year, the government had to make an appeal for the owners of an escaped cheetah cub to come forward after it was found north of Doha.

After one sighting of a tiger several years ago, a spoof Doha Tiger twitter site was created.

One social media user, Sultan Al-Qassemi, complained on Twitter after seeing the footage that: “This obsession of keeping wild animals by rich kids in the Gulf has gone too far.”