Kanahiya videos doctored: Was Smriti Irani’s close aide behind it?

, 6:50 PM IST

Amid the circulating news from the forensic laboratory that two of the seven videos of JNU event doctored, the buzz is going round that a close associate of HRD Minister Smriti Irani behind the tampered video.

The videos that were used as evidence to justify JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar’s arrest under charges of Sedition, have been found to be doctored. But to our shock one of the two tampered videos was put on the internet by Shilpi Tiwari.

Shilpi Tewari, an active twitter user in flying the flag for Sangh ideology on twitter and known for trolling anybody critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government, was a campaign manager of Irani during Lok Sabha election in Amethi.

It is to be noted that the video samples were sent by the Delhi government to Truth Lab in Hyderabad.

However the HRD Minister’s office also distanced themselves from the person saying she was not associated with them in any official capacity.

While there were many tweets alleging that the minister’s associate had circulated the doctored videos, there was an equally vociferous group defending her saying she was being unfairly targetted by some parties in order to hit at the HRD minister.