Friday , August 18 2017
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The Kapoor son makes headlines

Mumbai: Not everybody has a funny bone, specially ‘Actors’ in stardom, usually tend to take things way too seriously when joked about. Well, Arjun Kapoor, with his mesmerising looks is no such example in Bollywood,.

The Actor recently appeared in All India Bakchod (AIB), a sensational comical show by comic group along with Ranveer Singh making it to headlines.

The Actor proved to be a light hearted person cool as a cucumber, when the hosts joked about a trailer of upcoming movie ‘Half Girlfriend’.

Says the Actor, “I am very proud to be Boney Ka Launda. Why should I be apologetic about being such an amazing man’s son? If it makes a few people laugh, so be it. It is somebody else’s thoughts on me. I never flaunt his [father’s] tag. I never proclaim whose son I am, nor am I doing all my films with him. People are pigeonholing me for humour; I am fine with that. Aaj yeh bolenge, kal kuchh aur bolenge.”

Further says, “I wouldn’t be this relaxed about criticism if my box office successes were fewer. For some reason, a majority [of moviegoers] seems to like my films. I don’t negate things that people have to say about me, unless there’s an agenda or hits below the belt. There is a way to criticise. You figure out people’s motives after a few films. If I am being reviewed for my surname, I can read through it. Eventually, you can’t take things to heart”, as reported in DC.