Thursday , August 24 2017
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KCR desires guidance from Sudhir Commission on Muslim reservation

Hyderabad: It is reported that CM of Telangana State, Mr. Chandrasekhara Rao desired Mr. G. Sudheer, Chairman of Commission to continue his work even after the submission of report. It should not be construed that the work has been finished. He advised the commission to consult legal experts and submit additional recommendations for providing reservations to Muslims. He also instructed Mr. Rama Krishna Reddy, Advocate General to study and review the reservation policy of Govt. of Tamil Nadu so that on the same lines, reservations to Muslims and STs could be increased. It may be mentioned that reservations in Tamil Nadu have exceeded the limit of 50% stipulated by Supreme Court of India. Although, this issue is pending with the Supreme Court, legal experts opine that it is not possible to cancel reservations which are above 50% since constitutional safeguard has been provided.

Sources indicated that Sudheer Commission is preparing the list of legal and constitutional experts for consultation. It may be mentioned that the tenure of office of Sudhir Commission will come to an end by the end of September. It remains to be seen whether Govt. of Telangana extends its tenure in order to get some more recommendations from it.

–Siasat News