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KCR: Difficult for BJP to spread its wings in Telangana

KCR: Difficult for BJP to spread its wings in Telangana

Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Thursday said, it would be difficult for the BJP to strengthen its base in Telangana, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The CM also claimed that the BJP was trying to enlist the support of Kapus-an agriculture-based community- in AP by picking up a strong Kapu leader.

BJP was testing the waters in AP due to the lower percentage of Muslim population there, he said as per a report by DC.

According to the latest sample survey conducted by an agency, the YSR Congress has the support of 45% voters in AP, the ruling TD 3% and Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena only 2%. The BJP has 2.5% votes in AP. And the rest split among the other parties, Mr Rao said, while addressing the media persons at his residence in New Delhi.

Reiterating his argument that bifurcation of the state was a great opportunity for both Telangana and AP to grow independently, he said that the two states are now addressing various developmental issues concerning them since a long time.

Regarding the development after bifurcation of the two states, he said: “Development is taking place at a remarkable pace in both the state and this is only due to the bifurcation. A lot more things can be done if is coordination among us on sharing of Godavari and Krishna waters.”

“If both the states cooperate and draw common strategies, we can do wonders,” he added.

Referring to the defence land transfer, Mr Rao said he was expecting the Centre to allot the Bison Polo Grounds and other lands to the state to construct a new Secretariat complex and also new Assembly, Legislative Council buildings at one place.

He said the proposed new Assembly building will be a replica of the Old building that has been declared a heritage structure.