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KCR to implement the cash less transactions was totally illogical and impracticable: Shabbir

KCR to implement the cash less transactions was totally illogical and impracticable: Shabbir

Mohd. Ali Shabbir, Leader of Opposition in Telangana Legislative Council said today that the decision taken by the  Chief Minister, KCR to  implement the cash less transactions was totally illogical and impracticable .

Speaking to reporters at the CLP office today Shabbir Ali questioned the C.M. whether he was aware of  how many of the people in the state  had  Bank Accounts, What is the percentage of literacy?  and whether Telangana had adequate branches of banks and ATMS in rural areas and internet in villages to take up online and cashless transactions in all walks of trade and livelihood.

KCR ignorant of banks, ATMs, Internet facilities in state

He said the Chief Minister’s assurance to resolve the hardship of people by promoting Telangana as a Cashless was yet another political ploy  to deceive poor in villages .The LOP said that  KCR’s declared agenda  to promote internet , online banking . Mobile Aps, Swipe machines etc up to village level was nothing but a falsehood as only 10% of villages  in Telangana had  access to internet and banks.

He questioned whether KCR would provide online payment of salaries for the labor working in his farm house and quoting official records  Shabbir Ali said Telangana banks existed only 1098 villages out of a total of  10559 villages in the state at the rate of  one bank for  7000 population . The state had 5212 bank branches of which only 1186 were rural areas that too without internet, 1196 were semi-urban, 674 in urban and 1526 in metro city.

Shabbir said there were a total 10036 ATMs in Telangana, 90% of them were in urban area and even in Hyderabad acclaimed as highly networked city only 60 % of ATMs functioned. In such an environment, the Chief Minister’s claim to make  Telangana as a cashless state was just a cheap trick to deceive the gullible voters and fooling the poor and innocent people .

Farmers left high and dry

He said that Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao had left  the  farmers  high and dry as till now it has not taken any concrete steps to release subsidies for purchase of seed and fertilizer for the Rabi season in the wake of  cash crisis in the ‘demonetization’ regime.

In a press statement Shabbir Ali said that every one expcted the cabinet meeting two days ago would take decisions on the farmers need of crop loans of Rs.6000 towards seeds and fertilisers. But the cabinet was silent and indifferent to farmers needs though it discussed only on e-wallet and digital money which the farmers had never known.

The LOP said that when KCR went to Delhi and met  Modi, people hoped that he would have discussed issues of farmers crop loans and alternative methods to give them funds Rabi season . But  KCR went to Delhi like a Tiger and returned like a mere Cat without achieving anything for farmers and poor.

KCR false allegations on Congress

He said  the  KCR  was once again resorting to baseless allegations congress leaders had  black money .This was  nothing but a cheap gimmick to divert  public attention on failures of his government .           The congress party challenged that TRS and BJP in power are free to conduct probe on black money of congress leaders and punish them if found guilty.

Quick growth of TRS-TRS Bhavan and Paper & Channel

He said   even after  133  years of ruling in country Congress party had no  office of its own in Hyderabad and still was paying rent to the Trust . It also did not have its own newspaper or  TV channel . Though the TRS and KCR had sprung up to prominence in last few years  the party owned a palatial Office complex -TRS Bhavan and KCR supporters  also owned  English and Telugu newspapers plus  a TV channel worth hundreds of crores . The TRS party and the party mouth piece Namaste Telangana had permanent offices in all district headquarter . From where and how  KCR got all that money in such a short span of time in politics ? he quipped.

Shabbir Ali said that  TRS party had blatantly resorted to buying  MLAs and MPs in the state by allegedly promising them huge  cash and kind returns to defect from Congress and other parties  . Why  and how  do you think that nearly 25 MLAs and some MPs have joined the ruling bandwagon ?, he asked .

Modi’s health Bulletins?-  He said the Modi government daily bulletins on status of demonetization  was just like the health bulletins  whenever  VVIPs were sick and hospitalized .The country’s economy which was dynamic during UPA regime  has not  been admitted into ICU unit in Hospital  by the Modi government to cover up its  mismanagement of ban on big notes and failures  in all fronts . That is why  Modi government is issuing  bulletins on status of demonetization every two hours .

He said  demonetisation has been  the star  act of the anti people policies of the Modi Government, He is asking the poor and middle classes to pay 50% tax on their live savings if they deposit in banks  . But the same Modi government  had written off the thousands of crores taken as loans and defaulted by Industrialists like Vijay Malya,. Ambani,Adani  etc

Commenting on  recent diktat of the BJP chief Amit Shah to all party MPs and MLAs to submit  their bank statements on deposits was just like handing over house key from small thief to big . There is a standard practice in parliament that all MPS and MLAs should annually submit a list of  their assets etc  to Parliament secretary and Assembly Secretary respectively .  I have already submitted my  asset and liabilities statement to the Assembly secretary 6 months ago, he said . It is a joke of the year that Amit Shah demanding the B.J.P. public representatives to submit their Assets, he added .

 Modi govt  gold rule undemocratic  The LOP also said that the latest  diktat of Modi government that all individuals should declare their gold accounts to banks and government was totally undemocratic. . Gold is part of Indian tradition a gift by parents to children etc and a way of life savings in Indian families . By putting a conditionality on these age old  family tradition the Modi government has been hurting the sentiments of the middle classes and back ward classes whose only savings were  the gold ornaments of their spouses and children , he said. 

Shabbir Ali  also demanded the State government to summon an emergency session of the Telangana Assembly and Council to discuss various public issues viz., Farmer’s issue,  common mans woes etc as a fall out of the ban on big notes  . The Telangana C.L.P will be meeting shortly to discus  all latest developments including Farmers, traders and also common man’s  travails as a fall out of demonetization and others. (NSS)