Tuesday , August 22 2017
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KCR should learn a lesson from Gujarat – Muslim reservation only through BCs Commission

Hyderabad: The consequence of the campaign for providing reservation to Muslims should be that Govt. of Telangana should get a recommendation by constituting BCs Commission. This is the only way to develop the educational and economical backwardness of the Muslims. If recommendations are suggested by BCs Commission, legal implications could be avoided.

It may be noted that during Telangana Movement and also on the floor of the Assembly, Mr. KCR promised that 12% reservation would be given to Muslims in the field of employement and education. He also promised that Wakf properties worth crores of rupees would be protected within 4 months of TRS assuming charge. Muslims have already been enjoying 4% reservation given by Dr. Rajasekhara Reddy Govt. If 12% reservations are provided, Muslims can get more jobs and seats in professional educational institutions.

Even after the lapse of two years, Mr. KCR failed to fulfilled his election promise, Mr. Zahid Ali Khan, Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily and Mr. Amer Ali Khan, News Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily were forced to lauch agitation for getting 12% reservation for Muslims. In all the districts of Telangana, Muslims are joining this movement and making their demands in a peaceful way. Now, Congress Party has also joined this campaign. Inspired by the movement launched by Siasat Urdu Daily, State Congress has started a campaign to get 10 lakh signature to support this movement.

Govt. of Telangana constituted a committee under the chairmanship of Mr. G. Sudheer and its tenure of office has been extended by 6 months. Mr. KCR wants that after receipt of Sudheer Committee Report, a resolution would be passed in State Assembly for sending it to Central Govt. for its approval. Mr. Amer Ali Khan is of the opinion that Center is ruled by BJP Govt. led by Mr. Narendra Modi and it is not possible to get the support of the Central Govt. In this manner, this issue would remain unresolved. Muslims of Telangana want Mr. KCR to constitute BCs Commission to get a recommendation for giving 12% reservation to Muslims so that any legal complications could be avoided.

Mr. Amer Ali Khan and the Muslims population of the State are of the opinion that Mr. KCR should exhibit political will to fulfill his election promise. If he succeeds in providing 12% reservation to Muslims, his name would be written in Golden words not only in Telangana but also in the history of the entire country as the sympathizer of the Muslims. Mr. KCR should not forget that Justice Ranganatha Mishra Commission had recommended 10% reservation for Muslims. The latest decision of Govt. of Gujarat should be a lesson for Mr. KCR. Ms. Anandiben Patel provided 10% reservation in jobs and employment for economically sound Patel groups. It has been implemented from 1st May in Gujarat. It is very surprising that Ms. Anandiben Patel has provided reservation to Patels, Brahmins and other higher castes and the maximum income limit has been fixed at Rs. 6 lakh per annum. In this manner, all those families who are economically prosperous are being provide reservations whereas in Telangana, 80% of the Muslims have less than Rs. 60, 000 per annum. While giving 10% reservation to Patels and Brahmins, Govt. of Gujarat did not take into consideration that SCs, STs and BCs are already enjoying 49% reservations. It also did not take into consideration the maximum limit of reservations fixed by Supreme Court which is 50%. By providing 10% reservations to Patels and Brahims, the quota of reservations in Gujarat would be 59%. In such a situation, CM of Telangana State, should make an announcement for providing 12% reservation to Muslims without any fear so that the unrest among the Muslims which has been there for the past two years could end. The reservation given to Patels in Gujarat is the best example for Govt. of Telangana. The only thing is Mr. KCR should exhibit his political will. If he provides 12% reservation to Muslims, TRS Govt. in Telangana State will not have any danger in the future.

–Siasat News