Does KCR want to erase Muslim names from the map of Telangana?

, 12:57 PM IST

Shamsabad: Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has decided to rechristen Shamsabad district as Rangareddy on which Congress demanded not to change Shamsabad’s name. Mohammed Shamsuddin, Deputy Sarpanch, K Narsimha, Naresh, Nandraj, Goud, Srikant condemned government’s move.

Mailaram Sulochana, former MPTC member, Mailaram Krishna and Mohammed Ameenuddin in a press meet also said that Chief Minister has decided to christen Shamsabad as Rangareddy which we oppose on behalf of our party. They demanded to retain the name Shamsabad. It will help everyone to identify the place, they said.

It must be noted that Rangareddy will be divided into three parts namely Malkajgiri, Viqarabad and Shamsabad. The proposed new district at Viqarabad will also be named as Ananthagiri. The leaders demanded not to change the above mentioned names.

This move by KCR raises question in the mind of people in general and Muslims in particular that whether KCR wants to erase Muslim names from the map of Telangana? Because only the Muslim names are being changed. Viqarabad is being changed into Ananthagiri and Shamsabad is being changed into Rangareddy.

It must also be noted that Mahboob Nagar is also deliberately misspelt as Mahaboob Nagar. Even Shamsabad and Viqarabad are also misspelt as Shamshabad and Vikarabad respectively.

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