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KCR’s Vaastu obsession causes loss to government exchequer to the tune of Rs 33 crores

Hyderabad: It seems that Telangana government is more concerned about vaastu shastra than governance. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, who is obsessed with Vaastu, had hired a vaastu expert at Rs 75,000 a month, as the state’s architecture adviser to ensure that all government buildings and plans are ‘vaastu-compliant’. On his direction a new camp office is being constructed for CM with the cost of 33 Cr.

It is hoped that the Chief Minister will start his work in the new camp office on the occasion of Dassehra festival. The new camp office spread over 8 acre is adjacent to the old camp office. Thinking that the old camp office inauspicious, the new camp office is believed to have been constructed.

Former chief ministers YS Rajasekhar, K Rossaiah and Kiran Kumar Reddy had also worked from the same office however interestingly their term ended all of a sudden and their political career also came to an end. Rajasekhar Reddy met will an accident in the beginning of his 2nd term. He was replaced by Rossaiah who lost his post in the middle of the term. Lastly Kiran Kumar Reddy took charge as Chief Minister he became the last chief minister of United Andhra Pradesh and his political career ended with that and he went into anonymity.

Keeping this background in view Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao believed the camp office to be inauspicious. He sought the opinion of Vaastu experts and on their suggestion built a new Vaastu compliant camp office. The new state-of-art camp office was built on 8 acre land with the cost of Rs. 33 Cr. It has more than 150 rooms. It has a meeting hall, mini theatre, a special video conference hall, chambers of high officials, visitors’ lounge, suites of chief ministers and union ministers who will visit the states and lounges of other guests. All secretaries will also work from here.

The new camp office which has caused loss to the government exchequer to the tune of Rs 33 crores has invited opposition’s criticism who has asked Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, why the tax payer should foot the bill for his vaastu fetish.

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