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Kejriwal stands exposed, his ‘jhooth ki factory’ closed: BJP

Kejriwal stands exposed, his ‘jhooth ki factory’ closed: BJP

New Delhi : With infuriated Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal firing fresh salvos at the Centre and daring Prime Minister Narendra Modi not to scare him, BJP’s Delhi unit chief Satish Upadhyay on Tuesday shot back at the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convener and said his ‘jhooth ki factory’ (factory of lies) now stands exposed.

“For the 11 months, you were sitting on the file of a fact finding committee, which said there were irregularities (in water tanker management), which means you are also involved in it,” he said.

Upadhyay said the people of Delhi have now understood that he has continuously been lowering the level of politics.

“If East Delhi Lok Sabha MP Maheish Girri has written a letter to him then he should show that letter. His ‘factory of lies’ (jhooth ki factory) has been closed and he has been exposed,” Upadhyay said.

“This is not just the question of a Maheish Girri; the people have understood his ‘hit and run policy’, but Arvind Kejriwal will have to give answer in the court of people,” he added.

Upadhyay accused Kejriwal of indulging in falsehood and corruption for political gains.

“It’s enough and enough is enough. The people have elected him for the betterment of Delhi, but he is repeating Modi ji’s name. But the people are ignoring this nonsensical rhetoric having sensed that he has failed to deliver on his promises,” he said when asked about the Delhi Chief Minister targeting Prime Minister Modi.

Talking about Kejriwal’s meeting with the Delhi Police top brass, Upadhyay dubbed it to be a scripted drama, adding it is clear now as to why he is departing from the main issue of governance.

“Everything will become clear if he shows the letter. If you don’t have the letter, you must resign or the parliamentarian will resign,” he said.

Earlier in the day, Kejriwal dared Prime Minister Modi and said that he was not a member of the Gandhi family who would be scared of his cheap antics.

“I am not Rahul Gandhi, whom you will scare. I am not Sonia Gandhi, whom you will pull down. I am not Robert Vadra with whom you can have a setting, you can’t scare me,” Kejriwal said.

Kejriwal also dubbed the FIR in connection with the alleged tanker scam as ‘false’, saying nothing will come out of it.

“So, the question arises why Narendra Modi ji is conducting CBI raid and registering false FIR against me? The reason behind this is that Modi ji has scared everyone else by lodging false FIR and raids. I am standing alone as a rock and exposing Modi ji’s wrongdoings and that is why Modi ji wants to scare me and break me down, but I want to tell him that neither will I break down nor I will bow down,” Kejriwal said.

“If you try to take away the bread and butter of the jewellers, I would be standing by them. Modi ji if you try to save Sonia Gandhi in the AgustaWestland case, I will raise my voice against it,” he added.

Kejriwal’s reaction comes in wake of a case registered by the Delhi’s Anti-Corruption Branch for the alleged Rs. 400-crore water tanker scam linking him and his predecessor Sheila Dikshit.

ACB chief M.K. Meena said two complaints were received with regard to the scam and those named in the complaints include Dikshit and Kejriwal. He said both Dikshit and Kejriwal will be questioned by the ACB if needed. (ANI)