Thursday , April 27 2017
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Kesha’s mom called Dr. Luke to be family, says attorney

Washington : As a new angle to the Kesha- Dr. Luke contentious legal suit, his attorney has recently said that that Kesha’s mother called him to be part of family.

In a recently issued statement, Christine Lepera, Luke’s attorney, said, “Luke did numerous favors to advance the careers of Kesha’s siblings as well as Pebe herself. Indeed, Pebe acknowledged Luke’s generosity and expressed her warmth toward him in private correspondence when she wrote ‘You are part of our family, and I hope you know, as much as you have been there for Kesha and me, that we will always be there for you, as family, and friends, if you need anything’,” reports People Magazine.

The pop star and her longtime producer are still embroiled in their lawsuit, where she is suing him, alleging he drugged and raped her and abused her for years and he vehemently denies the allegations, countersuing for breach of contract and defamation.

On March 10, a published interview with Kesha’s mother, Pebe said that Luke “basically owns” Kesha and that “she was a prisoner” to her longtime collaborator. (ANI)