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Kim Kardashian shuts down rumour she’ll vote for Donald Trump

Kim Kardashian shuts down rumour she’ll vote for Donald Trump

Los Angeles: Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has denied report suggesting that she is voting for GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

“I’m With Her,” Kardashian confirms on her official website her support for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton after she was rumored to have a change of heart.

“A ‘quote’ of mine was released yesterday causing my phone to blow up by friends, family and even both candidates’ camps, so I want to explain the context in which I said I was ‘on the fence’ about my vote,” the reality TV star begins her explanation.

Kardashian, 35, said she sat down with her family and close friends and discussed elections and came to the conclusion that she would want to vote for Clinton.

“I had a long conversation with Caitlyn, who has always been open about her political views, and she encouraged me to do my research before making my decision and then vote for the candidate whose policies aligned with the things that matter most to me. I thought about the things that are so important to me that they outweigh everything else, such as gun control and protecting women’s rights to safe and legal abortion.”

“I found that without a doubt, I stand with Hillary. I’m with her. I believe Hillary will best represent our country and is the most qualified for the job.