Saturday , August 19 2017
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Kishan Reddy slams TRS govt for not fulfilling promises

Hyderabad: BJP MLA G Kishan Reddy today alleged that the TRS government has failed to provide infrastructure though two years elapsed after coming into power.

            Speaking to the media here on Saturday, Kishan Reddy alleged that instead of making Hyderabad City as World Class one, the TRS government was transforming the City as ‘Sad City’. The condition of roads was hopeless. The commuters were facing troubles with badly damaged roads and alarming traffic situation. The power supply was also same, he criticized.

            Asserting that the TRS government’s development was confined to mere words, Kishan Reddy questioned the TRS government to tell as to what happened to the statements of TRS leaders that they will transform Hyderabad city as Istanbul. The government has forgotten its assurances of cleansing Hussain Sagar and construction of multi-storeyed buildings. (NSS)