Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Komati threatens stir for irrigation water

Warning the State government that the Congress party would wage a movement on par with separate Telangana movement in case the government failed to provide water to their crops, Nalgonda MLA Komatireddy Venkat Reddy has stated that the Nalgonda farmers were in a feeling that they got water to their fields for two crops in United Andhra Pradesh, but the water was not reaching to their fields in separate Telangana state.


Participating in a debate on demands on Irrigation, Panchayat Raj, Roads & Buildings, Municipal Administration and Power, Komatireddy alleged that the State government neglected the development of the villages in the last three years. The TRS government was only concentrating on Mission Kakatiya and Mission Bhagiratha schemes neglecting the rural areas by not giving funds to the MPTCs and ZPTCs.  The government was diverting the funds to others schemes as they wished, he alleged. Reacting on it, Panchayatraj Minister Jupally Krishna Rao said that the state government was not diverting the funds and spending properly.

Continuing his speech, Komatireddy alleged that the state government was neglecting the Women Groups and was not releasing funds to them. He asked the Power Minister to supply power in two spells to the Agriculture sector.  He said that he was not obstructing the Yadadri Power Project but suggesting that there was a need to encourage the solar power production as it was happening across the nation. He said that about 100 kilometers area, the people would suffer with the pollution through the Thermal power project and Rs.26,000 crore burden will fall on the state government if the Yadadri Power Project was constructed. He said that after few years everybody uses Solar Power and the state government will avail the solar power from other states too.

He demanded the state government that it has to complete the SLBC Tunnel and Udaya Samudram project. He alleged that several irregularities were taking place in the Mission Bhagiratha project worth Rs.50,000 crore. Asking the state government that it would have given the contracts of the Mission Bhagiratha to sub-contractors belongs to Telangana instead of keeping the huge project in the hands of four Andhra contractors. He asked the state government to initiate action against the irregularities of the main contractors of the Mission Bhagiratha. He demanded the state government not to give extension to the corrupt officials and asked the state government to control the corruption of the Andhra contractors and officials’ corruption as part of eradication of political corruption.

He said that he was providing water to the houses in great manner in his Nalgonda constituency and opined that Siddipet model was nothing before the Nalgonda model. He said that several people from his constituency visited the Siddipet constituency and come to conclusion that Nalgonda model was far better than Siddipet one in supplying water to the people for the domestic purpose. He said that he was supplying raw and drinking water through separate pipeline and there was no such system in the Siddipet constituency. (NSS)