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Korean coast guard ship 3009 arrives for joint exercise

Korean coast guard ship 3009 arrives for joint exercise

Chennai : Korean coast guard ship 3009 today arrived at the Chennai port to participate in the fifth Indo-Korea joint exercise ‘Sahyog-Hyeoblyeog’.

The Korean coast guard ship commanded by Superintendent Kim, Dae-Sik with 73 crew members on board will participate in the joint exercise.

Korean ship 3009 and Indian Coast Guard (ICG) Ship ‘Samudra Paheredar’ will undergo anti-piracy operations and cooperation exercises.

The Korean officials will visit rescue coordination centre and regional operation centre under the ICG operations.

“We came here for friendship and cooperative relationship with Indian Coast Guard after having long voyage from Korea,” said Kim, Dae-Sik.

“We expect to learn about technical things and we are going to do exercises about anti-piracy. We hope to make more friendship, relationship through this exercise,” he added.

‘Shyog-Hyeoblyeog 2016’, which is aimed at anti-piracy operations and boosting naval ties, is likely to last till June 11.

This is the fifth edition of the Indo-Korean ‘Sshyog-Hyeoblyeog'(cooperation) when coast guards of the two countries will be involved in joint exercise in the Bay of Bengal off Chennai.

Fast moving boats display, helicopter rescue operations and surveillance operations will be put into practice along with other exercises. (ANI)