Wednesday , August 16 2017
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KTR cannot act on his promise – TDP

Hyderabad: Mr. M. Gopinath, TDP MLA and President of Greater Hyderabad TDP told that if KTR sticks to his promise, TDP is prepared to accept every question posed by him. He further said that the Statement of Mr. KTR that TRS would hoist its flag on GHMC office is the biggest joke of the New Year. He also said that TRS is a party of making verbal announcements. It is not a party to take concrete steps. He recalled that Mr. KCR had made an announcement that he would shift Secretariat, clean Husain Sagar water, appoint Dalit CM, provide job to 1 person in a family, allot 3 acres of land to poor dalit families. Not a single promise was fulfilled. Dr. Rajaiah, a dalit MLA was made Dy.CM but within few months, he was dismissed from the cabinet. In this way, he humiliated Dalits. He expressed his anger on the style of functioning of CM and said that Mr. KCR and Mr. KTR can do anything for fulfilling their political interests. They forget everything in order to gain political benefits. The people of Telangana and Hyderabad are very well aware by the dual policies of both these leaders. The people of this city will not be carried away by their false promises, he appealed to the people to vote TDP which is a disciplined party and it is capable of developing the city.

–Siasat News