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Kuwait fires Mukesh for provoking Hindus for Gujarat like riots in WB

Kuwait fires Mukesh for provoking Hindus for Gujarat like riots in WB

NEW DELHI: An Indian man was sacked from a company in Kuwait following his anti-Muslim comment that went viral on social media, according to a media report.

Mukesh Kumar has been working in Al Lewaa Security and Maintenance Services Company in Kuwait had posted a communal hatred and threatening comment on Facebook.

His response came after BJP MLA from Hyderabad, Raja Singh spew venom against Muslims on the recent communal clashes in Baduria and Basirhat districts of West Bengal reportedly asking Hindus in Bengal to ‘respond in the same way’ that Hindus did, during the 2002 Gujarat riots during which 2,000 Muslims were massacred.

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Screen shot of Mukesh kumar Anti-Muslim comment on facebook. Courtesy: Irony Of India

Users on social media found the post unacceptable and reported the matter to the management of the company where the Indian worked.

The company’s management has terminated the expat with immediate effect for his communal hatred and threatening comment and is handling the case with Indian Embassy to take appropriate further action in the matter.

Email screen shot sent by a facebook user who reported the company. Courtesy: Irony Of India

Violence erupted between two communities at Baduria on the night of July 3 after a 17-year-old boy posted an objectionable photo of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on Facebook.