Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Lake Police Rescue Housewife From Ending Life

Hyderabad: The Hussain Sagar Lake police on Sunday night rescued a housewife from committing suicide by drowning in the waters.
According to the Central Zone DCP, the victim C Aruna Bai of Imampura of Ziaguda, has two children and her husband C Amber is an alcoholic and doesn’t work. She was working as a sweeper in a private hospital to eke livelihood. During interrogation, Aruna Bai told police that her husband C Ambar on Tuesday evening demanded money from her for alcohol. When she refused, Ambar abused her in filthy language, thrashed her black and blue and administered electric shock on her hands.
Disgusted with life of mental and physical torture, Aruna Bai came to upper tank bund and jumped into the lake to commit suicide. However, the Lake patrol police noticed her jumping into waters and saved her life by rescuing her. Inspector Sreedevi counseled her and sent her to the Kulsumpura police station for legal action. (NSS)