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Leveraging technology will help us: Chandrababu

Leveraging technology will help us: Chandrababu

Stressing that integration of technology was the best practice, Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu said leveraging technology will help us to come out of the issues of demonetization.

During his opening remarks on the concluding day of the two-day Collectors’ conference, the Chief Minister enquired from the ministers and secretaries about their shopping experience they had last night. The Chief Minister  on Wednesday advised them to conduct two digital transactions at shopping centers by using their Aadhar number. The Chief Minister was told that only 50% of them have carried out cashless transactions using smart phone and biometrics and asked them to show a way by adopting to the changing times. “Leaders should lead and show the way. Only when you adapt to this technology, you can ask your constituents to adopt the new method. Over a period of time, the whole State will adopt and our State will lead others in digital transactions”, he added.


The Chief Minister also said, “China went for reforms 13 years ahead of us and that India was late in adopting them. We introduced reforms in 1991”, he added. The governments after independence till 1990s were very strong under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. There was no Opposition then. But the beauty of democracy is that economic reforms were carried out during minority and coalition governments,” the Chief Minister said. He directed IT Secretary Vijayanand to take real-time decisions to purchase ePos and biometric machines. He also mentioned that Rs 1,000 subsidy should be given for procurement of biometric devices. He further said Information Technology along with subject expertise will provide opportunities worldwide. “Fifteen years ago, I designed a curriculum to make IT compulsory for students studying various subjects. We are technology managers. Integration of technology and innovation is the best way forward,” the Chief Minister said.

Pointing out that Aadhar enabled payments was the best way to solve problems, the Chief Minister said he expressed the same opinion with the RBI Governor when he met him last in Mumbai. On the fair price shops, he said, Krishna district has performed well and that the same should be followed by other districts by encouraging bank correspondence. (NSS)