Saturday , August 19 2017
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Light to moderate rains recorded in UP

A man holds an umbrella as he walks along a beach during a rain shower in Odisha, India, July 16, 2015. India recorded above-average rains in June but forecasters have said the rains, critical for about half the nation's farmland that lacks irrigation facilities, would remain subdued in large parts of the country in the first half of July. REUTERS/Stringer

New Delhi: Light to moderate rainfall was recorded in Uttar Pradesh on Friday while South-West monsoon remained normal in the state.

Banda received 14 cms of rain, while Baberu, Rath and Mauranipur each witnessed 12 cms of rain respectively since on Friday.

Churk-11, Attara and Maudha each recorded 10 cms of rainfall; Naraini, Robertsganj 8 cms each and Mau and Chillaghat 7 cms each, MET office said.

It has forecast rain/thunder shower at few places over East Uttar Pradesh.