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Lindsay Lohan meets Syrian refugees

Lindsay Lohan meets Syrian refugees
Courtesy: DailyMail

Ankara: Actress Lindsay Lohan spent time with Syrian refugees in Turkey.

According to a source, the 30-year-old “loves” spending time interacting with the children and listening to their stories, reports pagesix.com.

“She spends time interacting with the kids. Listening to them, hearing their stories. Lindsay has always been passionate about children, especially those impacted by circumstances outside their control. She loves the work,” the source said.

The “Mean Girls” star made a visit to a hospital near Istanbul in order to meet an injured father and his children who had fled from the city of Aleppo in Syria — a city that has come under numerous attacks from terrorist organisation ISIS.

It has also been reported that Lohan offered to volunteer at the hospital, which is staffed completely by Syrian doctors.

Lindsay on her Instagram crafted an inspiring post for her followers.

She said: ‘Meet the Hussein Family. The father, Mohammad, was injured severely in Aleppo and his wife left him and her three kids after they migrated to Turkey. The lovely girl is Heya (9) and her twin brother is Leys.’

‘The Sultanbeyli Municipality is covering their rent and kitchen expenses but the conditions of the house are very bad.

‘The older brother was not in the house with us because although he is 17, he had to work in order to take better care of his family.’ And ends her post with the hashtag ‘The world is bigger than five’