I live in a ‘terrorist house’, spelling mistake led 10-yr-old Muslim boy grilled by British Police

, 3:42 PM IST

London: What will you do if you are grilled for no reason and that too when you are a 10-year-old child. Yes, a simple spelling mistake has led to a 10-year-old Muslim boy grilled by British police over suspected links to terrorism.

According to The Guardian report, British Police received a complaint from a school teacher that a student is a terrorist who lives in Accrington in Lancashire. The only mistake boy does is he wrote in his primary school English class that he lived in a “terrorist house”. He meant to write “terraced house”.

The lazy teachers did not even realise that it was just a spelling mistake and instead reported to the police, in accordance with the 2015 Counter-Terrorism and Security Act, which states that teachers are obliged to alert the authorities to any suspected terrorist behaviour.

As a result, the child was interviewed on 7 December by police and the authorities examined a laptop found at his family home. However, Lancashire police said in a statement the situation was handled by a PC and social services and that anti-terrorism police were not called in.