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Are you living a balanced life?

New Delhi [India]: It is well said that one needs to grow in body, mind and soul in order to succeed professionally, personally and socially. In each area, we need to achieve a 100 percent balance. If we don’t, then it would be like riding a car with a flat tyre, which will give us a bumpy ride.

Unfortunately, many people stress more on one area than the other, and eventually regret it.

Hence, author, educator Shiv Khera said, Even though success in life has many components which overlap, they somehow fall into three dimensions: Physical, Mental, Spiritual/Emotional.

# Physical:

Without physical health, everything is zero. We need to work on our physical health. Unfortunately many people achieve great heights in other areas at the cost of their health. In fact, they are the same people, who take better care of their pets than themselves. Their pets can run much better than the owners can manage to walk. You lose health not because of age, but because of neglect.

# Mental:

Mental health represents intellectual health. There are people who grow intellectually and in the process neglect their bodies and spirits. Some people lift themselves up spiritually, but end up neglecting the other areas.

# Spiritually:

To grow spiritually, one needs to read good books. Good books help you reflect on spiritual life. It’s a great starting point. What is the starting point for good health? Besides a good diet, can you start with thirty minutes of exercise every day? Those who say, “I don’t have time to exercise,” need to ask themselves how they will find time when they fall sick. Remember, it is crucial to take care of our body because that’s the only one we have to live with.

So, according to Khera, “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.” (ANI)