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Local leadership dividing Muslim and secular vote: MBT

Local leadership dividing Muslim and secular vote: MBT

Obeying Allah (swt) and practicing the teachings of the Prophet (pbuh) is the key towards success. Mr. Majeedullah Khan Farhat president MBT told this while addressing the Jalsa-e-Youm-ul-Quran at the historic Makkah Masjid. He asserted that the Tahreek will continue its struggle till the oppressed get justice. Raising voice against injustices and oppression is Jihad in the real sense he said.

Mr. Khan claimed that justice still remains elusive for the Muslims of Telangana although KCR had talked about formation of Telangana on the basis of equality. Demanding probe into the destruction of Waqf properties during the past 50 years, he said if the government is sincere for upliftment of Muslims then it must announce judicial probe into the matter through sitting judge.

MBT leader accused local leadership of dividing the Muslim and secular vote. He alleged that Muslim political party is playing a key role in paving way for BJP by splitting Muslim votes. He added that the need of the hour is to work against the strategy of the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Sangh Parivar.

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