Locals, tourists thrilled as Hema Malini plays ‘Holi’

Locals, tourists thrilled as Hema Malini plays ‘Holi’
In this photograph taken on March 6, 2017, Indian devotees covered in coloured powder look on as a drummer plays during celebrations for Lathmar Holi in Barsana on the outskirts of Mathura in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Lathmar Holi is a local celebration of the Hindu festival of Holi, usually some days ahead of the actual festival - it translates as 'that Holi in which people hit with sticks". / AFP PHOTO / STR

Mathura: Hundreds of tourists as well as residents were surprised and delighted as Bollywood actor as local MP Hema Malini joined them in playing Holi at the Priyakant Ju temple in Vrindavan yesterday.

“Holi of Brijbhumi is very thrilling. However, it becomes even more soothing and fantastic when played at the lotus feet of the principal deity of Priya Kant Ju temple,” the politician turned actress said.

As she mingled with the crowd, even children were eager to smear the face of the BJP MP with ‘gulal’.

The ambience reverberated with ‘Aaj biraj mein holi re rasia’ (It’s Holi in Brijbhumi today) while colour virtually rained on the revellers.

The organisers had made efforts to present the different kinds of ‘Holi’ played in Brijbhumi. Rising above all distinctions, rich and poor took part in be it the ‘mayur’ or the other dances, the famous ‘lathamar’ Holi or the ‘laddu’ Holi.

The scene was fantastic, when laddus virtually rained from the air as ‘prasadam’, said Hansroop, an American citizen.