Hyderabad: The lofty arches of Char Kaman to be refurbished

Hyderabad: The lofty arches of Char Kaman to be refurbished
Picture Courtesy: Telangana Today

Hyderabad: The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has decided to start paying attention to the old structures in Hyderabad. Architects will be invited in order to renovate the rich heritage in the old city.

According to a news report of TelanganaToday, funds have been approved to start the restoration work shortly. The commissioner of GHMC, B Janardhan Reddy informed that a sum of 1.77 crores has been approved.

Apart from Char Kaman, 262 small shops in Mahboob Nagar Chowk are to be renovated with the old architectural style to keep the legacy alive, the officials informed.

The small shops will be retained in order to attract more tourists. These shops give vibrancy to the vicinity of Charminar, GHMC officials added.

The commissioner also disclosed the allocation of the funds. A sum of 1.5 crores will be required for the clock tower and 3.5 crores for the renovation of Mahboob Chowk. This restoration work will be carried by conservationist architects.

Municipal officials also acknowledged that the Kali Kaman and Machli Kaman which are surrounded by the shops of Stationery, footwears and perfumes are polluted by the heavy traffic.