Friday , August 18 2017
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Lottery winner Mohijul Sheikh, a poor migrant turns millionaire

Mohijul Rahima Sheikh, a migrant worker from West Bengal experienced a sudden change of fortunes only three days after he reached Kerala. He has won a Rs. 1 crore lottery in Kerala. Looking for work, Sheikh migrated from Bengal to Kozhikode last Thursday. The next day he was chosen for working at a construction site. The same evening he bought a Rs. 50 lottery ticket of Kerela government’s “Karunya” lottery scheme. He later told police that he had bought the ticket out of sympathy for the seller, who was a physically challenged man.

On Monday, the day of Shivratri, Sheikh came to know that he had won the first prize of Rs 1 crore. “At first I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me. I called up my parents and they advised me to go to the nearest police station because they feared for my safety. I went to the nearby Chevayoor police station in Kozhikode. Police, too, confirmed that my ticket had bagged the prize. Still I kept checking the numbers,” says Mohijul.

Mohijul is married to Rafiza Bibi and they are now having a 10-months old baby. Rafiza now just hoping that they could educate their daughter well in an English medium school, as there is now one in their family who have at least completed the Secondary education.